Hi! I’m Savannah. I’m 22 years old and a native of Maine; and unfortunately, an asthmatic… which isn’t ideal for all this outdoorsy, hiking stuff. But that’s what inhalers are for, right?!

That’s me! On a recent trip to Arches N.P., just before sundown at Delicate Arch.

Growing up in Maine, I’ve had some unbelievable opportunities to experience and to enjoy the outdoors. During my undergrad, I was a stone’s throw away from Acadia National Park — the place that inspired me to spend as much time as possible hiking and exploring the most beautiful places in our country. After graduating from college, I set out with the goal to visit all 59 of the National Parks here in the United States. A hefty goal, for sure, but one I hope to accomplish in my lifetime. I began my trek in May of 2017 on a trip to Utah with my boyfriend, Ian (see dorky photo below). He’s equally as adventurous as I am and has sworn to accompany me on these trips, so you’ll likely be seeing photos of him around.

On a hike to the Emerald Pools in Zion N.P.

I created National Park Passer to share my experiences, thoughts, and advice with you as I visit each of these parks. I’m not an expert traveler by any means, and I’m probably no different than any other travel-blogger out there, but perhaps the mistakes and triumphs I encounter during my journey can help inspire and guide you on your own National Park adventures!
So stay tuned for anything and everything travel-related. And as always, I’m happy to hear feedback and suggestions. Thank you for taking this journey with me!